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New features (III) Quick Talent Suggest

A new feature has been released on

We know that sometimes it can be a little hard to add a talent to MeTheOne. You know, by adding the videos, relating it to its social profiles, etc.

That’s why we’ve added an “always accessible” button at the bottom right of the screen that when clicking, makes a textarea appear. In this textarea you can just write the name of a talent that you’re watching on TV, a talent video that you’d like to share with the world or whatever you want. It will get to us, and we’ll care about adding the talent you suggested to MeTheOne.


You don’t even have to login to share a talent with us!

And remember that you can also share videos, names of emerging talents, etc. on our Facebook Page and Twitter Profile ;)

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Alonso beats Vettel (on Social Media)

Today is the last race on F1 in Interlagos (Brazil), and we want to celebrate it sharing with you an screenshot of the talentator comparing the 2 possible winners of this F1 season: Fernando Alonso vs. Sebastian Vettel.


Alonso Beats Vettel on Social Media


This report is about the trending popularity for the last week of this 2 awesome F1 drivers.

As we can see:

1. Alonso beats Vettel, not only for the last week, but for the global digital reputation on Social Media.

Fernando has a karma of 250! (+2.82! this week) and Sebastian Vettel 174! (+1.86! this week)

2. Vettel beats Alonso on Facebook. That’s because Spanish driver’s Facebook fanbase is so blurred and German’s one is focused in one page.

3. Alonso beats Vettel on Twitter and YouTube. He has a community of almost 1,3M followers on this site. Wohow.


Here 2 of the most popular videos of these 2 drivers:

Alonso drives Ferrari 458 Spider


Sebastian Vettel @ Top Gear


Hope you enjoyed this sketch on these incredible F1 drivers :)

If you want more, just ask for it.

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Top 10 Trending Snowboarders (2012 October)

So here we are.

Scouting the snowboarders who’re trending in October 2012, previous to the winter campaign for the northern hemisphere.

The trending report, as we can see on this screen shot of the Talentator:

Trending Snowboarders Report


As we can observe the Top 10 trending snowboarders are, in order:

1. Stale Sandbech

This norwegian snowboarder, sponsored by Oakley, is the one trending this month.

The reason? 4,452 new likes on his facebook page (an increase of a 67.07% of his facebook fan community)


2. Justin Morgan

North-american snowboarder. He comes from New York. And he is trending according to the #talentator.

But it’s a trap! He’s not really trending, as the increase of his karma is owing to the cleaning he did on his Twitter profile October 9th. He passed from following 1934 users to 105 in just one day! Immaculate profile, BTW!


3. Shaun White

Well, we have here a man who’s the centre of attention right all of the year. More than 25 thousand new followers on his Twitter profile this month aren’t enough to become the one who trends more, but a third position is quite honourable, isn’t it?


From 4th to 10th position are trending: Halldor Helgason, Xavier De Le Rue, Tim Humphreys, Juan “Chispa” Lacassie, Torstein Horgmo, Mark McMorris and Seb Toots. Awesome ;)


If you want to get more info on trending snowboarders, as well as the top ranking, just click on the following access button:


Get access to the #talentator



  1. As you can observe, the karma increase is not directly proportional to the absolute increase of Facebook likes and Twitter followers, as we take into account for the algorithm other variables like associated video views, comments and favs, Twitter followings, mentions, Youtube subscribers, proportional increases and more.
  2. We are working on the algorithm just to prevent it from feature as trending, for example, people who decrease significantly the people who they follow on Twitter, a variable that we take into account when generating the karma.

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We’re so proud of our new premium product.

The #talentator is the trends and rankings dashboard for companies, where they can have easy access to the trending talent worldwide. We’ve developed this tool so the companies can save time & money searching for people to endorse for their branding campaigns or to hire for events and ads.




We’re posting some posts about different trending & ranking reports the next weeks so you see how awesomely the talentator works ;)

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We Are Young Cover Party

It was time for musical talents. We decided to show this way the showreel of musical talents (singers, guitarists, drummers, flutists) discovered on MeTheOne. So, you know, let’s set the world on fire!

Orla Gartland, Mike Tompkins, Pentatonix, Wayne Campbell and other awesome singers and players are featured on this video.

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Euro Talents 2012

To commemorate the UEFA Euro Cup 2012 (Spain won, again!) we launched this video with some of the most amazing talents from the 16 countries taking part in the competition. Michal “Sep” Sepkowski, Dan Stirling, Les Twins, Jay Garderis, and other awesome European talents are featured on this video, with the epic song “Pop Culture” by Madeon.

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Some Awesome People That I Used To Know

Well, this is our first viral intended video. And it’s being shared, AWWWWW YEAH! At this moment, this video of a compilation of world talents (Marquese Scott, Kilian Martin, Nick Provost…) with the great song “Somebody that I used to know” by Gotye (Walk Off The Earth’s amazing cover) has reached the 400.000 views. Come on!

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1000 talents

Well, to commemorate the 1000th talent discovered on MeTheOne we’ve launched this mini site where you can find each of this 1000 talents in one unique page.

1000 talents

You can enjoy this site on

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New features (II) Discover +

We don’t stop working in our way to discover the world talent. We want to make the easiest to discover new talents, and in this case new videos from previous discovered talents.

So, we’ve added a new tab on talent’s profile: Discover +. Clicking on this tab will make a request to Youtube and bring back the videos 1. Asssociated to the talent’s Youtube channel (if it exists) 2. As a search on Youtube with the name of the talent.


Discover plus new feature on MeTheOne


Now it’s much easier to add videos to MeTheOne, don’t you think? ;)

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New features (I) Trends

We’ve added as a new feature to the talent profiles a tab with trending information.

Just take a look at how it looks like ;)

Claudeo Singer Talent Trends


This is going to be an interesting feature for singers, guitarists, drummers, or skaters, surfers, riders and any kind of talent that wants to know in a quick look the trends on its audience interest.

Talent trending has just started!

Hope you enjoy it!

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