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Alonso beats Vettel (on Social Media)

Today is the last race on F1 in Interlagos (Brazil), and we want to celebrate it sharing with you an screenshot of the talentator comparing the 2 possible winners of this F1 season: Fernando Alonso vs. Sebastian Vettel.


Alonso Beats Vettel on Social Media


This report is about the trending popularity for the last week of this 2 awesome F1 drivers.

As we can see:

1. Alonso beats Vettel, not only for the last week, but for the global digital reputation on Social Media.

Fernando has a karma of 250! (+2.82! this week) and Sebastian Vettel 174! (+1.86! this week)

2. Vettel beats Alonso on Facebook. That’s because Spanish driver’s Facebook fanbase is so blurred and German’s one is focused in one page.

3. Alonso beats Vettel on Twitter and YouTube. He has a community of almost 1,3M followers on this site. Wohow.


Here 2 of the most popular videos of these 2 drivers:

Alonso drives Ferrari 458 Spider


Sebastian Vettel @ Top Gear


Hope you enjoyed this sketch on these incredible F1 drivers :)

If you want more, just ask for it.

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