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Top 10 Trending Snowboarders (2012 October)

So here we are.

Scouting the snowboarders who’re trending in October 2012, previous to the winter campaign for the northern hemisphere.

The trending report, as we can see on this screen shot of the Talentator:

Trending Snowboarders Report


As we can observe the Top 10 trending snowboarders are, in order:

1. Stale Sandbech

This norwegian snowboarder, sponsored by Oakley, is the one trending this month.

The reason? 4,452 new likes on his facebook page (an increase of a 67.07% of his facebook fan community)


2. Justin Morgan

North-american snowboarder. He comes from New York. And he is trending according to the #talentator.

But it’s a trap! He’s not really trending, as the increase of his karma is owing to the cleaning he did on his Twitter profile October 9th. He passed from following 1934 users to 105 in just one day! Immaculate profile, BTW!


3. Shaun White

Well, we have here a man who’s the centre of attention right all of the year. More than 25 thousand new followers on his Twitter profile this month aren’t enough to become the one who trends more, but a third position is quite honourable, isn’t it?


From 4th to 10th position are trending: Halldor Helgason, Xavier De Le Rue, Tim Humphreys, Juan “Chispa” Lacassie, Torstein Horgmo, Mark McMorris and Seb Toots. Awesome ;)


If you want to get more info on trending snowboarders, as well as the top ranking, just click on the following access button:


Get access to the #talentator



  1. As you can observe, the karma increase is not directly proportional to the absolute increase of Facebook likes and Twitter followers, as we take into account for the algorithm other variables like associated video views, comments and favs, Twitter followings, mentions, Youtube subscribers, proportional increases and more.
  2. We are working on the algorithm just to prevent it from feature as trending, for example, people who decrease significantly the people who they follow on Twitter, a variable that we take into account when generating the karma.

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